silly me, and I love you

I LOVE to make my friends smile, even better, laugh hard!
I used to respond heart to heart-with tears will come up soon or later-talk with one or two jokes. Simply to make them feel better, not because the joke but by sharing with me.
But my happiness complete when I see my mom&dad’s laugh. Priceless. Like something warm my heart every time hear their laugh. My best joke maybe when I was 3, because till now mom still laugh when she talked about it.

Mom said “I were going to have afternoon pray and asked you to look after your brother ‘mama mau solat dulu, kamu godain nih ade nya ya kak supaya gak nangis (I’ll pray for a moment, you stay here and make funny thing to your brother, oke?)’ and you know what you did? you came close to him and said ‘haaa!! goda… goda… godaaaa (haaaa… funny… funny… funnyyy)’ and she’ll laugh so hard after tell that story (note: she’ve said it a lot).

For dad, I’m (as a kid) funny in different way. It was our way home back to Jakarta from vacation with my parents’ friends in somewhere around Bandung. And I’m cried. Yes, from Bandung to Jakarta, in 60 seats tour bus, non-stop. Just because my dad drunk my unwanted (he thought) soft drink. And because I still want that drink and he drunk it so I cried loudly. And nothing I repeat NOTHING or no one can make me stop cry (yes everyone in the bus have tried and failed) until we arrive in Jakarta and he bought me new soft drink. He was so embarrassed but he laughing every time he told the story.

I dont know what to do without you two ♥

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