past to forgive

Dark. Cold. Too quiet.

Where am I?

How could I am here?

My feet start fumble the place.

helloo..” guessing maybe someone could shout back.

Find nothing but hear a sobbing.

So painful.

A girl sat in circle corner with dim light, her shoulder shaking, trying to keep the hurt in silence.

I cringe as I observe.

She is so pale, chapped lips, mess up hair, and her swollen eyes stare freaking out.

I wish never let him go… I.. I..” she hugs her self and falling her knee down to floor. “I am sorry.. so sorry” now she break apart.

I fight my self to take a step and another then finally sit next to her, clear my throat when her cold shaking hand reach my palm “pleaseee… forgive me.. for not think further, selfish, arrogant, stupid, for runaway” my eyes glazed as my mind throw back recognize who is she and what she did made me lost love of my life, she took away the only hope of my every breath.

and… and.. how I.. I’ve completely ruin your life… I am truly sorry”

My heart so hurt to see her. But nothing can change what was happen and there is no way I could ever forgive her.

She hurt me first. No she was not. She did what her snob head thought.

My angel and devil start to kill each other and make me dizzy and, I black out.



Bright. Too bright but blurry. I lie down on soft pillow, its good.

Second after I heard ‘beep’ people scream call the doctor. “she’s better but we have to observe her 24 hours to make sure she pass the crisis”. I’m in hospital, I hate the smell, white clean uniform, cables.

Wait, why I’m here Is my b… oh god.

I take big gulp while stroke my stomach.

it’s okay honey, he is gone to heaven now. He will always be our angel” he kiss my forehead.

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