are you here?

“I love see you smile and laugh freely like this, like you are, used to. I’ve missed it these past years. Are you back now?”

My smile fade away. My throat go dry. She already lost me when her eyes look into mine. I no longer there.


“can I borrow your pen?”
“a paper too?”
“please” a word more like mumbling. I got your word, not your mind.
“heart? May I, have it too?”
I did it. His eyes move. 5 second his full attention and the paper drowning him away. Again.


“what you do?”
“what you see?”
“I trying to talk like normal human but you find me less attractive than that inanimate object so I’m like talking to a programing robot”
“good observation. Now back to your book. Observe it like you just did to us”
I dont. I still looking at him.
“okay, what? Tell me”
“nothing” I smirking.


“you still there, do you?”
I close my eyes.


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